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Conversations with Eustacia Cutler

Eustacia Cutler visits with Dr. Joseph Buxbaum about research being done at Mt. Sinai in New York City.

RADIO INTERVIEW:  Parental Roles in Autism Advocacy: Perspectives from Eustacia Cutler – Radio Interview with Paul Rokuskie on ReachMD.  In this episode of the Autism Spectrum, host Paul Rokuskie speaks with Eustacia Cutler, autism rights advocate and mother of Dr. Temple Grandin, who is often referred to as the first person officially diagnosed with autism in the United States.

RADIO INTERVIEW July 13, 2016 Power Your Life Radio Show: Eustacia Cutler: Community, Early Intervention, Job Training and Brain Plasticity.  Interview with  Dr. Jo Anne White on Power Your Life Radio Show.  Eustacia spoke about the importance of community that seems to be missing today. She reflected on the community that Temple was brought up in: a community whereby people personally supported one another. Children and adults felt responsible for Temple and felt that they helped ‘raise her.’