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The Temple Grandin
and Eustacia Cutler Autism Fund

Eustacia Speaks Out for Families

Dear Friends,

A strong family is the linchpin that keeps a spectrum person from slipping off course. Family care for that person can be a lifetime task—in early years for parents, in later years for siblings. It stands to reason, therefore, that support for all family members in the early years, will build a strong family able to cope with whatever comes—a more humane and less costly solution than 70 years of institutional support.

While some families have the strength of an extended family or community support group, and enough money to buffer the non-stop task, most do not.  I have met so many exhausted parents, adrift and broke.  I’ve seen hidden domestic abuse, born of frustration and furious despair.  And then there is the navigation of a child’s rights within the school system.

Increased public awareness of autism has given rise to increased research.  We all want a cure but, in the meantime, there is a need for family-focused support programs that can be replicated in any local community.  We encourage all organizations and families to build inclusive communities that will support all families.


Eustacia Cutler